The Holy Grill Snack Bar, established as a QSR style expansion of the Holy Grill Restaurant brand is located on the Kilpauk Garden road. At the Snack Bar, we focus on serving your food as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We at the Holy Grill, do not follow the traditional view of QSRs that serve greasy, unhealthy food such as fried chicken and oily burgers. We are conscious than ever about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and we would want our customers to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as well. Unlike other QSRs, we focus on the healthier, vegetarian alternatives without compromising on taste.

Healthier, vegetarian lifestyles have been considered akin to bland and boring food. With the introduction of India's first and only vegetarian restaurant with a live grill barbecue station and a sit-down buffet, we have changed that. Vegetarian food is no longer bland but is something that people choose over other options. We realised that as much as people love our food - they also value time. The decision was clear for us. We entered the QSR market. We make food the way you like it: without compromising on taste, health, or time.

French fries

Garlic potato tarters

Potato wedges

American corn salt & pepper

Fried momos with salsa sauce

Tandoori lasooni malai gobi

Crispy chilli baby corn

Schezwan tossed fried momos

Chatpata khasta aloo

Cajun spicy potato

Cheese chilly corn kurkura

Paneer malai kali mirchi

Paneer khalsan tikka

Sabzi golconda karara seekh

Gobi manchurian

Khangara chilli paneer

Paneer amritsari

Cheese chilli dahi ke kebab

Tandoori bharwan aloo

Shabnam ki moti

Holy Harippa Paneer Tukda

Tandoori paneer fries

Roti/Tawa masala pulao with dal makhani

Tawa paratha/peas pulao with paneer butter masala

Schezwan fried rice with khangara chilli paneer

Tawa paratha with paneer kurchan

Veg fried rice with gobi manchurian

Gulab jamun

Assorted mousses

Chocolate lollipop




One Filling


Two Filling


Rumali roti

Wheat paratha

Pudina paratha

Schezwan paratha

Schezwan Aloo

khangara chilli paneer

Tandoori khumb chatpata

Harayali paneer tikka

Aloo masaledar

Malai paneer tikka

Peri peri paneer

Cheese kurmura corn

Soyabean green peas masala



Cheese chilli




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