As India's first and only vegetarian restaurant with a live grill barbecue station and a sit-down buffet, we hold a unique responsibility to serve you the best food. On our menu, you will find a wide variety of vegetarian dishes assembled for the urban vegetarian. Our menu is not a mere index - simply listing out all the food that we have to offer for you. It is a showcase of our beliefs and values. Every dish is crafted skillfully to give you the best dining experience - be it the humble potato or the mighty mushroom.

We present a whole new dimension to the process of barbecuing and grilling vegetables. Even more exciting is that you get to be the pitmaster of the barbecue. You get to control the grill - determining how much you want your food to be caramelised. Be it our signature dishes, our classic recipes, or even our newest ventures: we love the food on our menu as much as we love our customers. With our food, we have set out to capture your heart. Our plan of attack is to convince your stomachs that the food at Holy Grill is the best. For, after all, the way to your heart is through your stomach.

Sweet corn soup (J)

A Chinese style thick sweet corn and vegetable soup. A perfect comfort food

Cream of tomato soup (J)

A creamy delight, with a rich taste of
fresh plum tomatoes and a dash of cream

Veg clear soup (J)

A healthy mix of veggies cooked in vegetable stock

Hot and sour soup

A spicy, sour and hot indo-chinese soup
with an assortment of veggies

Manchow soup

A Chinese styled thick mixed vegetable soup topped with crisp fried noodles

Dal dhaniya shorba

Lentil cooked with coriander seeds

Fresh green garden salad

Tossed fresh green veggies

Exotic garden grill salad

Roasted English veggies tossed in a marinade of olives and rosemary

Russian salad

Cubes of veggies with mayonnaise and a fresh cream dressing

Fresh fruit salad

Fresh fruits tossed in fresh cream

Hyderabadi matke ki parda biryani

Awadhi biryani

Navratna pulao

Mix veg pulao / jeera / peas / paneer

Veg fried rice/Schezwan fried rice

Steam rice

Kangra chilli panner

An Indian version of chilly panner, inspired by the flavors of Shimla

Tandoori sub-achari paneer tikka

Slit cottage cheese stuffed with Indian seeds, curd and flavorsome pickling spices

Mushroom ki galouti

A signature Awadhi cuisine served with ulte tawe ke paranthe

Holy harippa paneer tukda (J)

Slit cottage cheese stuffed with spinach, dry fruits and a marinade of hung curd, fresh cream, tomato base and hot Indian spices

Holy mix grill platter

A signature of Holy Grill, 6 types of starters served on a live grill – Paneer, pineapple, potato, mushroom, exotic veggies, corn on the cob

Subzi kandhari seekh

Mixed vegetables with minced dry fruits and brown onion with a pomegranate flavor

Creamy malai broccoli (J)

Broccoli marinated in salad oil, yoghurt and fresh cream, cooked in a clay oven

Nanhe aloo ki choti nazakat

Baby potatoes marinated in mustard oil, GGG paste, red chilli paste, Indian spices, spicy

Khasta chatpata aloo

Crispy potatoes dipped in a sweet, spicy and tangy flavoured sauce

Hare masale ka bhuna paneer (J)

Chunks of cottage cheese marinated with hung curd, green leafy vegetables, crushed coriander and chilli flakes

Shabnam ki moti

Button mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese, marinated in a cheesy mixture, skewered and grilled to perfection

Reshmi paneer tikka (J)

Cottage cheese marinated in sour cream infused with saffron and Indian spices.

Dahi chilli ke kebab (J)

Kebabs made with hung curd flavored with chilli and Indian spices

Salt and pepper american corn (J)

Crispy fried American corn with chilli flakes and pepper seasoning

Dilli wali aloo tikki

Mashed potato cutlet stuffed with channa dal, a well-known dish from the streets of Delhi

Crispy chilli baby corn (J)

Crispy fried baby corn tossed in a special spicy sauce

Assorted kebab plater

2 paneer, 1 potato, 1 brocoli, 1 mushroom, 1 seekh kebab

Malai paneer tikka (J)

Cottage cheese marinated in creamy yoghurt and cheese, with a flavor of green cardamom

Dal tadka/fry/palak (J)

Yellow lentil cooked with herbs and spices in an authentic home style

Paneer dum musallam (J)

Soft and mellow paneer cubes cooked in a rich Mughlai gravy

Paneer tikka makhmali masala

Creamy, rich, makhani gravy cooked with cottage cheese

Hyderabadi khate mithe aloo

A twist to the regular stir fried potato, these potatoes are spicy, tangy and slightly sweet

Jannat – e- numa

Potato baskets stuffed with a tandoori filling, served over a rich spinach gravy

Paneer laung lagan

Cottage cheese rolls stuffed with dry fruits, flavoured with cloves, cooked in onion and tomato gravy

Kofta – e- sham savera (J)

Soft delicious spinach dumplings stuffed with cottage cheese, mildly spiced served with a flavor some Punjabi makhani gravy

Subzi handi zaikedar (J)

Old styled cooking of vegetables in a yellow gravy with Indian spices

Sarson ka saag

This authentic Punjabi dish requires no explanation

Kadai paneer /masala /makhani/palak (J)

Cottage cheese with gravy of your choice

Paneer tawa mirch masala (J)

Paneer cubes cooked in a rich spicy gravy with lots of chillies and bell peppers

Dingri mutter hara pyaaz

A delicious combination of green peas and mushroom in a luscious thick gravy

Methi malai hara chaman (J)

Cottage cheese cooked with fenugreek leaves in a spinach gravy

Dal – e- holy

Whole black lentils, simmered overnight over charcoal, with tomatoes and spices, and finished with a dallop of home churned butter

Dum aloo jodhpuri

Mildly spiced whole potatoes cooked in yoghurt and aromatic spices

Stir fried vegetables

An Asian style dish with tenderly crispy fried veggies

Veg dumplings in black bean sauce

Pan fried vegetable dumplings cooked in black bean sauce

Jaisalmeri bhuna kofta curry

Crispy vegetable balls cooked in a brown gravy with Rajasthani spices

Nizami subz handi (J)

Indian and English veggies cooked in Nizami styled rich gravy

Lasooni tawa jeera aloo

Garlic flavored potatoes tossed in spices and plenty of coarsely crushed roasted cumin seeds

Home style bhindi (J)

Chef's special style of Lady's finger

Mixed veg (J)

Yoghurt mixed with chopped cucumber, onion and tomato of olives and rosemary


Beaten yoghurt with fried garlic, seasoned with freshly powdered roasted cumin seeds

Boondi (J) /Pineapple (J) /Aloo pudina

Masala papad

Roasted papad

Laccha paratha /pudina /aloo /paneer /mixed veg

Naan /butter naan /garlic /cheese chilly /haryali

Plain kulcha/butter kulcha/

Roti /butter roti/missi roti

Pyaaz mirchi ki roti

Masala kulcha/onion kulcha


Makkai ki roti

Holy bread basket

Mini gulab jamuns with vanilla ice cream

Sizzling brownie with vanilla ice cream

Choco lava cake with vanilla ice cream


Gajjar ka halwa

Kesar pista kulf

Moong dal ka halwa

Sweet Lassi/Salt Lassi

Watermelon basil mojito

Fresh Lime (Sweet/Salt)

Seasonal fresh juice

Masala chaas

Aerated Beverage

White fantasy

Cold coffee

Red bull

Lemon ice tea

Peach ice tea

Bottled water

Paan mojito


Pina colada



Chilli chill




Frozen Oreo

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