Celebrate your precious moments with your family or just enjoy an evening out as you watch sporting events with your friends. Have no rush as you leisurely take your time to indulge in the cuisine and the ambience at Holy Grill.

Vegetarian. Barbecue. Restaurant.

Prior to December 2015, these three words wouldn’t work together in the same sentence. If you were a vegetarian in India - you would never think of barbecuing or grilling as cooking. At most, the vegetables would be thrown in as an afterthought while the meat was being skewered and smoked, But everything changed in the December of 2015 when Holy Grill was launched by Chirag Khatri and Karishma Khatri. Early this year 2018, Niraj and Chanchal Mirpuri joined the management team. As India's first and only vegetarian restaurant with a live grill barbecue station and a sit-down buffet - Holy Grill recently also launched a QSR style snack bar.

Barbecue opens up a new dimension for vegetarians with char-grilled flavours and smoky aromas of our fresh and unique innovative recipes. Striving for innovation, we don’t cook vegetables on the grill - we release their inert, natural sweetness as they caramelise during the process.


We keep our restaurant doors open for everyone who wishes to celebrate with their friends and family. Through the years we have seen multiple festivities such as birthdays, mini-parties, anniversaries and other celebrations take place at our premises.

And yet there are certain special moments that simply cannot be confined to within our restaurant. Apart from the space constraints for a large crowd, some of our customers have expressed their wishes to experience our dishes during their celebrations. To bridge this gap and bring the best food to you on your special days, we offer our catering services.

We have equipped ourselves to serve up to a thousand guests. Keeping in with the popular demand, we also serve Jain cuisine. Customise your menu by choosing from our menu - and we price our services accordingly. What more would you wish for in your caterers? Contact us for more details, and a delicious spread at your celebrations.

Now you can experience our signature dishes whenever and wherever you want us to serve you. Contact us for any occasion that requires catering services. We are ready to serve food that your guests will never forget.


If you are looking for a great opportunity to own your own business with Holy Grill - especially in places outside of Chennai, we welcome you to contact us.

Are you satisfied with the service provided at Holy Grill, and believe that you can help expand the brand to other neighbourhoods as well? With the right investments of time, money, and interest, you can be one of our franchisees.

We are looking for aspiring teams to work with us as franchisees. Be a part of the brand and take on the legacy of Holy Grill. We are India's first and only vegetarian restaurant with a live grill barbecue station and a sit-down buffet. Holy Grill also has a QSR style snack bar. We already have two outlets in the city - one full-fledged restaurant on KNK Road, Nungambakkam and a QSR style outlet on Kilpauk Garden Road.

We would prefer to work with people with hospitality industry experience who will be able to invest their time, money, and interests in our family-run business.


Barbecue and grills had always been synonymous with the non-vegetarian diners.

With a large population interested in vegetarian options, Chennai always had the demand for vegetarian restaurants. Unfortunately, that was almost always limited to the bland options of traditional fare.

Holy Grill has now grown to receive a lot of wonderful praise for great service. The team is always available at the restaurant whenever the customers need them - be it for the regular compliments or the rare complaints which they waste no time in resolving to the satisfaction of their customers.

Early this year 2018, Niraj and Chanchal Mirpuri joined the management team. Their aim was simple: to serve delicious vegetarian barbecue and grill varieties to the urban foodies. Holy Grill was started by an ambitious Chirag Khatri and Karishma Khatri in the December of 2015.

They launched the Holy Grill Restaurant with the idea of serving delicious vegetarian food which they are serving every day. They now seek to scale up their services across India - and one day with branches across the world serving the food that they love.